Pool hygiene

Pool Hygiene

Oasis Pools is extremely conscious of the need to maintain the quality of the water in all of the pools and the amentites

General daily routine procedures

Pool Grounds:
Bins emptied, and tables wiped - nightly
Emu Parade - for litter - Daily

Bins and rubbish removed - nightly
Toilets flushed and cleaned - daily - detol
Showers checked, cleaned, hosed and daily disinfection undertaken
Urinals, daily and as needed.

5am - check ALL pools - visual inspection.
        - Clean lint baskets
        - Check Heat and Chemical levels - Automatic read out
        - Manual test chlorine and Ph levels - adjust as necessary

Incidents rarely occur but when they do, ground staff attend to issues immediately and treat water in purification plant.

Hourly - check Automatic read outs, (under full load - busy times - may have to be more often)

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